Children's Health Alliance

The Children's Health Alliance was established in September 2013 to focus on improving outcomes for vulnerable children and families in the catchment.

The early years of a child’s life provide the foundation for future heath, development and wellbeing. A positive start in life helps children to reach their full potential, while a poor start increases the risk of adverse outcomes which can have far-reaching consequences throughout the lives of the children and potentially for successive generations.

The Children's Health Alliance has the following priorities

  1. Improve integration of and access to timely, affordable, accessible early childhood services particularly allied health services, Specialists & Early Intervention Services
  2. Improve access to services and programs for the most vulnerable families, to improve health outcomes for vulnerable children
  3. Develop an advocacy strategy to be the platform for coordinated, localised service planning and responsiveness

Key issues related to children in the catchment are the rates of child protection in the City of Frankston; the numbers of low-birth weight babies in the City of Frankston; and the number of developmentally vulnerable children, particularly in Frankston North, Frankston, Carrum Downs, Skye, Hastings, Tootgarook, Somers and Somerville.

The Australian Developmental Index (ADI) measures five child development domains that profoundly impact on long-term health. These are physical health, socialisation, emotional maturity, language and cognition, and communication. The most recent ADI data shows that, compared to other Victorian children, children from Hastings are twice as likely, and children from Frankston North are three times more likely to experience developmental delay. Screening and early intervention and support for children and their families is key to improving outcomes across the life trajectory.

Children's Health Alliance Membership List

New Resource: Step by Step

Step by step is a new resource that provides information to parents about early childhood development and when to seek help. It will be distributed across the Frankston-Mornington Peninsula catchment through maternity services, maternal and child health and general practice.

View the online version of Step by Step