Health Champions

Frankston Mornington Peninsula 'Health Champions' Initiative


At least 20% of parents regularly look for health information on Facebook, however the quality of this information is often poor. A Canberra study found that 20% of health advice in a Facebook mothers’ group was inaccurate and a US study on information about Zika virus found a similar rate.

The Project

To improve the health literacy of mothers using 'health champions' on Facebook through the provision of evidence-based information on health services across Frankston Mornington Peninsula. We will be providing up-to-date health information for the 10,000 members of the 'Mornington Peninsula Mums' Facebook group.

Our Focus

Health Service Information for Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula has been compiled by the Frankston Mornington Peninsula Primary Care Partnership using funding from the South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network. In most cases, the information has been obtained from government sources such as Better Health Channel and National Health Services Directory. If the information or service is not provided by the government, it will be clearly indicated.

What you can expect from the health service information trial?

Up to date information about local services from Frankston Mornington Peninsula Primary Care Partnership project workers.

The decision about what information to provide will come from:

  • Survey responses provide by 250 MPM members
  • Focus groups conducted with MPM members
  • Current conversation topics, forwarded to the project workers by the MPM admins

Please see the Health Service Information for Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula page for specific health service information for the local area.

Next Steps

The Health Champions project is funded until June 2017. If it goes well, we hope that the funding will be extended.

We will be asking for feedback on the project in June but we welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement whenever you have it.

You can provide feedback within the group, directly to the admins or by email to