Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Alcohol and Other Drug Catchment Plan 2015-2018

Funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, the 2015-2018 Frankston Mornington Peninsula Alcohol and Other Drug Catchment Plan has been developed in collaboration with alcohol and other drug providers operating in the catchment to establish a regular common plan which identifies critical service gaps and pressures, and strategies to improve responsiveness to people with alcohol and other drug issues (particularly people facing disadvantage), population diversity and broader community need.

Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Indicators report

Indigenous people occupy a unique and important place in Frankston Mornington Peninsula society and culture.

This project arose from shared interests amongst members of the Aboriginal Health Alliance in more robust approaches to identifying needs and measuring change in health outcomes from investments in Aboriginal Health.

Keleher Consulting were engaged by the Frankston Mornington Peninsula Medicare Local (FMPML) through dedicated funds from Victorian Government Depatment of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in the Southern Metropolitan Region (SMR), to develop a report that will inform the first enabler, 'Improving data and evidence', as a foundation for the key priorities of the Koolin Balit: Victorian Government strategic directions for Aboriginal Health 2012-2022.

The Key Indicators and Data for Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing report 1) provides a set of measures that inform strategies for the improvement of access to high quality, culturally responsive services, improved quality of life and reduced burden of disease for Aboriginal people across the catchment; and 2) provides a framework for further development of data to inform outcomes, and evaluation of initiatives intended to advance health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people.

2014 Population Health Profile and Community Needs Assessment report

Frankston Mornington Peninsula Medicare Local has developed this population health profile compiling social, economic and health data. Priorities established in 2012-2013 guided the data collection for the 2014 Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA). The report includes both population health profiling and data gathered for the CNA, sourced from a wide range of repositories and reports, and analysed to provide a synthesis of information. While there are gaps in data, the most recent data has been included throughout. 

Population Health Profile and Community Needs Assessment Report 2014

Forum Summary Reports

Peninsula Model Forum: 3 June 2015

The most recent Peninsula Model planning forum brought together over 50 senior community service representatives from across the Frankston Mornington Peninsula to review and identify population health needs and areas of service system improvemnt for collaborative action under the Peninsula Model.

Summary Report for 3 June 2015

Presentations from the Forum can be found below

AgendaMary Sayers, VCOSS
Christine Roughead, KPMGSimon Favel, SVA Consulting
Ruth Azzopardi, Peninsula HealthDean Tillostson, SEMPHN
Josephine Beer, DHHSRodney Mackintosh, FMPML
Helen Keleher, Keleher Consulting 


Peninsula Model Forum: 4 December 2014

On 4 December 2014, members of the Peninsula Model Executive Group hosted a forum for over 100 stakeholders from across the Mornington Peninsula. This report provides a summary of the feedback received from participants and their suggestions for working together in the coming months. 

Summary Report for 4 December 2014

Peninsula Model Forum: 5 December 2013

On 5 December 2013, a Peninsula Model Forum was hosted by the Peninsula Model Executive Group (PMEG). The forum was attended by 80 people from 47 different provider organisations.

Summary Report for 5 December 2013

Alliance Reports

Peninsula Model Alliances: Summary of Plans

Summary of Plans February 2014